A day of introspection, self-appreciation and honoring others.

Transitions as Heroine and Hero Journeys

“The feminine journey is about going down deep into soul, healing, and reclaiming, while the masculine journey is up and out, to spirit.”    Maureen Murdock

What would it be like for you to embrace any kind of life transition with curiosity and fearlessness? 

Heroine and hero journey stages offer a model for your transitions to be made visible, honored, and celebrated in the presence of others. Any transition, whether minor or major, is an opportunity to discover your inner wisdom and courage, and to learn practices for self-support and building resilience. This personal development work in a group setting is a portal to living life with greater self-awareness and joy.

Life transitions typically have transformative elements, and unless we slow down and approach our changes in an intentional way, we potentially miss a chance to enrich our lives.

You will learn about the stages of heroine and hero journeys, and how these feminine and masculine energies can be integrated positively into your life. Change is often difficult and creates a sense of loss or emptiness. Our time will be largely experiential, and we will create a supportive community and blend learning self-care tools with honoring where we are. Transitions are like bridges – we can cross over, and cross back, but we always need to be connected on both sides. 

Saturday, May 4th from 9:00 to 3:30 pm, 615 Washington Road, Pittsburgh, 15228.

Fee $ 95. Registration required. Limited space.



For more information and to register contact: joanne@eastvisionpartners.com

Your guides:

Cristina Kumpf, PhD, LPC, NCC, ACS


Cristina’s personal and professional pursuits and experiences have come with achievements, hardship, and losses. These transitional points in her journey have infused a profound sense of reverence for transitions. She believes that a process of self-discovery is integral to all transitions and this is central to her work with clients.

Joanne Martin, MA, CPC


Joanne has navigated the highs and lows of many transitions – business owner, divorced mother, horse rescuer, deep ecologist, artist, and activist, to name only a few. As a Life Coach she mentors others to discover their own inner resources to embrace change with a sense of adventure.